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Are you organizing a baby shower for a pregnant friend or relative? Being the baby shower host can be an awful lot of fun, and a wonderful thing to do for your friend, sister, or daughter. But it can sure be stressful too! Organizing a baby shower is especially challenging if you have never done it before, or have not been to one in your life. What do you need to do to make sure that the baby shower you throw is just perfect, and packed with fun? It all starts with baby shower games. We've made a list of some fun baby shower ideas for you!

1) "Don't say baby" is a popular baby shower game that you can play with different varieties. You keep track of how many times the participants say the word "baby" by pinning diaper pins onto their clothes (or around a necklace if they don't want their clothes ruined). The person who said baby most either wins or loses the game, depending on what you decided.

2) Guess the birth date is a fun game where everyone writes the date they think the baby will come earthside on a sheet of paper. The person who gets it right wins a prize, obviously after the baby makes his or her entrance.

3) What will the new baby look like? What color hair? What kind of nose? What kind of ears? Have all the participants work together to make the "future baby" in collage form using magazines, scissors and paper. Of course, the resulting product will look more like Frankenstein than anything else, but it's a lot of fun!

4) Baby "pub quizzes" are great fun! Some unlucky soul (probably YOU!) will have to Google lots of baby facts and make question and answer cards. Great questions that might actually help the new mother once her baby is born could include, "Name five ways to soothe a crying newborn", "How often do most newborns poo", and "How do you get a baby to burp?".

5) How much do you think the mother to be weighs? Have all the participants of the baby shower write down their guesses, and then get the expectant mom to hop on to the scales! Want to know more about baby showers? For expectant mothers, we wrote what to expect from your baby shower, while childless friends looking to buy gifts can check out the non-parent guide to baby shower gifts!

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