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If you have a pregnant friend or relative, and you would like to throw them a baby shower, you might feel a little lost. Organizing a baby shower for a loved-one is a truly wonderful gift. Baby showers have come to be an important part of expecting a baby the mother to be gets to share her excitement with those she is close to, and showers are often filled with fun, games, and presents. If you are feeling the pressure, and want to make sure the shower is a success, we have some tips to help you.

Do you know which people you are going to invite? If you are not sure, try asking the mom's husband or partner for the contact details of all of her friends, colleagues, and relatives so you can send out invites. What will be the location of the baby shower you are planning? It can be a local restaurant, your friend's house, your house, or anywhere else. No matter what you choose, it will require some organization. Do you need ideas for baby shower games? Check out our earlier post on this subject. Do you want some particular theme for the shower? If so, it can make decorating either easier or harder. Themes can be related to a color or something else, like diapers (no kidding, I have seen this!) No matter what, the shower will require lots of decorations! What about the food? You will need a cake, and other snacks. Think about non-alcoholic drinks as well. Make sure to take all the guests' needs into account and check if anyone has food allergies this is especially important for the expectant mother herself, of course! As the organizer, you can coordinate the gifts to make sure there are no duplicates, or leave the guests to do this themselves. You might want to think about baby shower gifts for guests (party favors) as well.

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