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Are you organizing a baby shower for a dear friend or relative? I bet you are quite stressed about it, though throwing a baby shower for a loved one can also be a lot of fun! But still, there are so many things to think about! And sometimes, you are simply a little short of inspiration. That is no reason to panic though, because we are here to help you. If you are wondering what baby shower gifts, or party favors, you should prepare for the guests, we have got some ideas for you. Of course, you could simply order baby shower favors from a specialized baby shower company, but that would be a bit boring and impersonal. If you have the time and energy to personalize those gifts yourself, it will make the baby shower that much more memorable for the guests! You want cute little things that are baby-related, but can also be appreciated by those people who do not have children, or whose children are already grown up. Here is a list of ideas for you:

A cookie cutter in a baby-related shape. Cute ones I have seen on a popular cookie cutter website include little feet, teddy bears, and bottles. Of course, you'll have to wrap it up nicely. Scented candles in a tin, with a personalized message written on the lid. Rubber duckies with blue or pink ribbon around their necks, depending on the baby's gender, and a card hanging from the ribbon. Keyrings, perhaps in the shape of a baby, a teddy bear, or a little bug. Mini clothes pegs, in a color or with a heart or bear at the top. Small photo frames with the unborn baby's ultrasound picture. Tiny piggy banks, decorated to taste. You can buy "pain your own piggy bank" sets at hobby stores. Still looking for more info? We also have a non-parent guide to baby shower gifts, and ideas for baby shower games.

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