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When you first found out that you were pregnant, I bet all kinds of questions crossed your mind. Questions like, when is my due date? Will my baby be a girl or a boy? Where should I give birth? One of the questions that you probably did not think of was, what on earth is a baby shower? Several months later, that changed! A baby shower is a largely American concept that has caught on in some other parts of the world as well. Essentially, a baby shower is a welcome party for your baby and for you, as a mother. So what should you expect from your baby shower? What goes on at these parties?

If you are expecting your first baby, you can count on having at least one baby shower. Sometimes, they are organized as a complete surprise, and sometimes you'll be told about your baby shower in advance. Some rare couples even organize their own baby shower! Baby showers normally take place somewhere late during the second trimester, or early during the third trimester of your pregnancies. Some people have baby showers after the birth of their babies, as well. You can expect to be "showered" with gifts for your baby that is, after all, why it is called a shower. Some parents to be leave the gifts up to their guests, and are happy with whatever they get. But setting up an online "baby registry" to let potential givers know what items you need, and what you already have, is an increasingly common thing to do.

While some people see it as weird and a bit selfish, having a baby registry actually helps your guests as well. Who wants to give something that will not be used? Apart from gifts, expectant moms will be be showered with nice foods, and most probably with weird games. What kind of weird games? Well, think "guess the birth date", baby bingo, having a diaper cake presented to you, and more obscurities. You'll also kindly be given all kinds of cliche and probably unnecessary advice about the first months of your baby's life. Go with the flow, and have fun! What was your baby shower like? If you have not had one yet, how are you envisaging it? Is anyone dreading their baby shower? Oh, and if you are a future baby shower guest, and have no idea what to buy, check out our non-parent guide to baby shower gifts!

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