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In today’s society, everyone wants to be more thin, be healthy, look better, it is not often that the people are content with how they look. The health food market have realized this and have put so much choice on the shelves from health drinks, protein bars and healthy snacks to replace the crisps and chocolate bars that we all love.


Almonds are full of nutrients and are powerhouses in effect. The best thing in nuts is the monosaturated fat, this will in fact give a great helping hand to clearing up clogged arteries. They are rather filling because they contain Vitamin E, fiber and magnesium, so even after a couple of handfuls you will feel satisfied. Another great thing about nuts is the vitamin E mentioned, it is an antioxidant which means it has the capability of helping you to battle cancer, asthma and osteoporosis. Just one handful is enough for children, but be warned do not give nuts to children under the age of three.

Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Bars are easy to carry to the park and children love them. A lot of them will have the right amounts of goodness in them. Peanut butter will fill you up rapidly and again does the same thing as regular nuts and sunflower seeds. Some that you will know about is fruit, crackers and smoothies.


Cheese is a good basis for calcium and protein and all the children enjoy it. Dried cranberries are similar to raisins and contain fiber and vitamin C. It will provide the children with energy, which you know they are going to burn. Paint a few eggs and this is a fun snack for your child plus it has loads of protein in it. One that all kids love is a fruit roll, watch out though and read the labels as some are not so good as they have a high content of fat in them. Have you ever seen yogurt in a tube, well this is called a gogurt, it have the live and friendly bacteria for your children plus a good amount of calcium. If you can get your children to dip vegetables in hummus then you’ve made it, and if you can find a hummus made from chickpeas and sesame seeds then you will have hit the jackpot for your child. Oatmeal cookies are a luxury for your children but have a look down the health food isle of your supermarket, the kids will never know the difference.

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