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Baby showers are all about the baby that is about to be born, aren't they? It is easy to forget about the mother to be, and buy cute things for the baby when you are going to a baby shower. But moms are important too, and they definitely deserve baby shower gifts. What are some great gifts to give pregnant moms at a baby shower? This is a list of things that most new moms would like, and that reminds them that giving birth to a new baby makes them special, too!

1) Bath and shower products. Right, this is extremely cliche, but still very nice. It is probably very rare for a newly post-partum mom to have a long shower or (especially) a bath. But natural soaps with nice essential oils, massage creams, or body lotions are great to use while she is still pregnant as well. If you are going to buy something like this, just remember that some essential oils are not safe in pregnancy.

2) A gift card to a baby and mom class. Mom and baby yoga, mom and baby tumble classes, or even baby-wearing salsa are all great things that can help the new mother to get back in shape and feel great about herself with her baby in tow. I think this is one of the nicest possible baby shower gifts.

3) New shoes. If you know the mom to be very well, giving her a wonderful pair of new shoes makes a great shower gift. New clothes would be great too, but it is not always predictable what a woman's body shape will be like after she has just had a baby. She might struggle with "baby fat", or she may lose weight extremely fast after the birth of her baby. If you know the tastes of the pregnant mom, you can't really go wrong with new shoes. This is a great gift because it really has nothing to do with the baby.

4) Good books or DVDs. In those early weeks with a newborn, it is not unusual to spend many hours nursing the baby, or waiting for him or her to wake up. Reading a nice book or watching a great movie can really help make those days a bit easier. For more about baby showers, check out our ideas for baby shower games.

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