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Baby showers have become a pretty integral part of pregnancy in the US, haven't they? Almost every first time mother has one. They are seen as a rite of passage, a lot of fun, a way to shower the expectant mother with gifts for the baby, and perhaps a good place to dish out some silly parenting advice. That does sound nice, I think! But where is the father in this picture? Is he not going to have a baby as well? Doesn't he need parenting advice too, however silly? And are those gifts not for his baby too? I think there is a lot to be said for the "revolutionary act" of including expectant fathers into a baby shower.

The main objectives of baby showers are, after all, welcoming the new baby (who is as much the new daddy's as the new mommy's kid!) and giving presents (which should be used by both parents!). But, if the women around the expectant couple feel really strongly about the baby shower being an all-female affair inevitably because they're going to discuss pooing during delivery, postpartum sex, vaginal cuts, and mastitis perhaps the dad deserves an all-male shower, all of his own. If you want to organize one of these for your mate who is going to be a dad, or even for your own husband, here are some ideas to make it fun:

Send invitations to the dad-to-be's friends and male relatives, telling them there will be an alcohol-filled party to celebrate the coming of the new baby. Expectant dads, fair or not, have no reason to abstain from alcohol. If the dad's following is going to bring gifts, make sure they're different to those baby shower gifts at the female shower.

Play silly baby shower games! Make a bet about the baby's birth date, and the participant who is closest wins a prize.

Make a mock-up of what you think the baby will look like.

New dads should do the cooking, because moms are, biologically, busy recovering from birth and probably breastfeeding. If the dad is a lousy cook, gift him cooking classes or take-out vouchers.

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