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It is becoming more and more common to hear and notice that today’s children are exercising less and less thus becoming overweight which in turn can cause a whole array of health problems. Most adults believe that a child has no stresses, that their lives are full of play and fun. Remember back to the days when you were a child, there certainly were stresses and pressure put upon you. So why not combine fitness with something that will also help with the battle against pressure and daily stresses.

Yoga Poses for Children Benefits

Yoga will help to build your child’s confidence as well as give them flexibility, not to mention the added benefit of helping them to relax. There are many other benefits to yoga classes for your child such as aiding them to improve their concentration and their focus level. It helps with physical as well as mental health of both children and adults alike. Concentration Level for Yoga Poses for Children

Most children do have a short concentration span and can succumb to boredom quickly. So, it may help to teach the yoga poses if you combine them with stories, such as trips to a magic land or a forest. You can also name the poses as if they look like objects or animals for example a tree, a lion or even a cobra.

Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

Some of the yoga poses are done in the standing position and others are in the sitting position. The positions mentioned are easy to perform. This pose is called the down dog. You need to teach your child to stand up with their feet the same width apart as their shoulders. The feet need to stay flat on the floor and then they can start to slowly bend down from their waist line so their hands can touch the floor. At this stage you can tell your child to lean back just a little so they look like an upside down V. They need to stay in this position for about fifteen seconds. This next pose is called the lion pose. You need to teach your child to sit down in such a fashion that they are actually sitting on their calf muscle. Their hands need to come down onto the floor in front of them. This next part is amusing for them but try to keep them calm and relaxed. They now need to stick out their tongue and make a roaring noise and breathe out forcefully at the same time.

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