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One courageous American woman delivered her baby just after taking part in a marathon! During the marathon, her contractions got closer and closer together, but she didn't stop running. You know how some compare giving birth to running a marathon?

No matter how accurate the comparison is, one has to be amazed that this woman actually did run a marathon while she was in labor. Amber Miller ran and walked (half/half, according to her) a total of 42 kilometers in Chicago on Sunday, completing the race in six hours and 25 minutes. Miller was well into the third trimester of pregnancy at 39 weeks, and could obviously have gone into labor at any time. Her doctor had given her "permission" to take part in the marathon, but that didn't stop baby June from working her way out right when the marathon took place. Perhaps it was the physical exercise that triggered the labor?

The baby was born in hospital some time after the marathon was over, and she weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces. Mom was in great shape throughout her pregnancy, and probably took the advice to stay in shape during pregnancy a lot farther than the average expectant mother! How would you react if you saw a heavily pregnant woman take part in a marathon? It would certainly be an unusual sight, and you may not be able to resist the urge to stare!

And that is exactly what many people did on the day of the big even (in more than one way!), Miller said. She noticed that "everybody just kind of stared," and added that she got "lots of interesting comments. It was fun for me to get everyone's reaction."

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