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Congratulations! You are nearly there! During the later part of the third trimester, your baby will be fully developed and is working on gaining some weight before entering the world outside of the womb. What will you be experiencing in these final weeks?

Hip pain and aching joints

Do your hips feel sore, and does your every step hurt? Is your hip pain keeping you up at night? This pregnancy ailment is not uncommon, unfortunately. Aching hips and joints are hormone-induced, and will go away when you give birth.

Weak bladder control or pregnancy incontinence

Have you got trouble reaching the bathroom in time, and do you "leak" when you laugh? Weak bladder control is not a much talked about pregnancy symptom, but it is very common nonetheless, particularly in the final weeks.

Belly button popping outwards

Many expectant mothers notice how their belly buttons suddenly pop outwards. This is a normal, though perhaps unexpected thing to happen. Have you got a pregnancy outie too? This might be one of the most fun pregnancy signs out there. Don't worry. I won't stay that way.

Colostrum leaking from the breasts

Are your breasts starting to leak yellow, thick milk? This is colostrum, the first milk you produce for your baby. Leaking colostrum is a sign that your body is preparing for birth and feeding your baby.

Prodromal labor irregular contractions

Prodromal labor or irregular contractions that don't get stronger or closer together often precede active labor. While this may not be the real thing just yet, it is certainly a sign that you will meet your baby sometime soon!

Baby dropping into the pelvis

Sometime in the final weeks or days of pregnancy, your baby will move lower into your pelvis to prepare for childbirth. After this happens, you are likely to feel more comfortable, and many of the less pleasant pregnancy symptoms will go away.

Losing your mucus plug

A mucus plug is just what it sounds like: a thick plug made out of mucus. During pregnancy, it protects your uterus, and thereby your baby, from bacteria and infections. When you are about to give birth, you will lose that mucus plug.

Insomnia due to uterine size

During the final weeks before you give birth, your tummy might have grown so much that it is impossible to find even a semi-comfortable position to rest in. Late in the third trimester, the sheer size of your uterus can cause insomnia.

Development of stretch marks

Stretch marks are, unfortunately, simply a part of pregnancy for a lot of ladies. They can appear anywhere on the abdomen, back, thighs, breasts or buttocks.

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