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To what extent is childbirth painful?

Is it or is it not painful? Shocking as it may seem to many women – it is as painful as you make it!

Surprising though it may seem, the largest portion of the pain is of extrinsic origin, and thus, totally redundant and a woman is able to prevent it. Unfortunately, most of the pregnant ladies know nothing or very little about the matter.

Three components contribute to discomfort during childbirth. They all stand alone, but their combination can cause general discomfort and an overly bad experience of labor.


When an expectant mother asks someone in her surrounding how much pain she should expect during giving birth, it already signals that it is going to be an issue for her. When a mother doesn’t know what to expect, the fear of the mysterious and the insufficiently familiar builds up the pressure and increases the perceived level of pain.

When a woman is about to give birth she may become anxious and her physical system’s reaction to stress is to direct larger quantities of blood to the vital organs and away from the limbs. When a lady is in labor, it can potentially happen that blood and oxygen are diverted away from the womb and the baby, and it can possibly lead to difficulties during the actual childbirth.

Bearing in mind the mentioned issues, it is of utmost importance that the mother masters the relaxation methods. Apart from minimizing risks for the child, they can lower or even eliminate the pain during the process of giving birth to a child.

Position of the body

Positioning of the body turns out to be one of the more involved factors. If a future mother isn't positioned properly, her muscles can receive unnecessary stress and excessive fatigue. Experience taught some women that laying flat on the back wasn't the best position for them - they reported having had significant trouble.

Physical Sources

Never disregard the value of the appropriate exercise during the nine months before the childbirth. The more the muscles of the woman are prepared for the event, the less stress they will go through. Also, perineal massage throughout last trimester of the pregnancy will surely significantly decrease the risk of severe tissue trauma and facilitate the childbirth itself.

Inappropriate Nutrition

Hydration seems to be the biggest factor here. If a woman happens to dehydrate during the labor, it may not be so easy for her muscles to relax to the desired extent. Hunger isn't that much of a problem. Women do not need to eat during the childbirth, moreover most of the hospitals forbid it, but should she feel the urge to grab a bite - she definitely should. Perhaps her body is signaling to her what it needs.

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