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Recently a 58-year-old woman who has conceived with the help of IVF has given birth to a baby boy in Kerala. Both baby and mother are healthy and doing fine, still resting a hospital in Muvattupuzha. Cicily could have been a grandmother, but at 58 she has just given birth to a baby boy. However the IVF induced pregnancy has again raised the spirits. The case of 58 year old mother brought into sharp focus the ethical and social issues involving assisted reproductive treatment programs. It is important to bring out that Cicily lost her two children to an illness and an accident, and she has been craving for a child.

The age was not on her side and the only thing she could rely on was the IVF treatment with eggs from a donor and of course hormonal therapy. Doctors emphasis that they do not support cases like, targeting the age of a mother. However, Cicily had a specific problem and she was well informed about the potential risks. Of course a case like this will raise many ethical questions, such as should there be an age cap for fertility treatments and whether should there be a distinction in who should be treated and who shouldn't.

Is that ethical? After all the family that undergoes treatment is well aware of the risk they are taking, and they are the one taking the risk. From both medical and ethical standpoint doctor has to take into account the mother's health, her existing health conditions and the problems which mother can develop during pregnancy. Pregnancy at that age can pose a great risk not only for the newborn but for a mother too. My thought on the case: every case is unique every woman is unique: some are healthier in their 50s then some at the age of 20. Congratulations to a healthy son from my heart!!

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