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Every year over 75,000 Americans participate in some of the largest marathon events throughout cities in America, like New York, Chicago or Philadelphia. Despite that it is not clear whether this marathon expansion provided health befits to public in general. Some dietary and fitness experts compare marathon with crash diets, with similarly disappointing results. They also claim that marathon running has no long lasting effects on weight loss or other health benefits.

According to them, no one time per several months marathon run can successfully replace life time of steady exercises, and they think of marathon in a terms of life long health benefits as a sprint race. But in fact serious marathon preparation and exercise for the race is a life long achievement.

Fact and Figures about Health Benefits of Marathon Running

The number of marathon participant in the U.S. is at steady yearly rise, and so are the books and other marathon preparation groups. But despite that, persistence is a key in marathon running. Question is who has more persistence; participants that run 26.2 miles couple times per year or others runners who runs 4-8 miles almost every day, until their old age.

Other measure besides persistence may be fitness, which is another measure for success in marathon. Marathon runners describe their participation in such events as emotionally, socially and psychologically beneficial, apart from obvious health benefits.

Obviously marathon runners who practice throughout the whole year have undoubtedly health benefits, but for people who just prepare several weeks before the marathon race, fact are not certain. Various medical studies shows that long distance running on regular basis improves cardiovascular health and minimize the risk of various disorders such as prostate or eye disorders.

On the other hand, physical overuse and too vigorous exercises can potentially diminish the will and desire to work out. Public health officials are rightly questioning true health values of so called “boot camp” approach to sports and exercises, as well as long term motivation on these cases.

Sometimes it is better to enjoy the health benefits of more regular but shorter running routes; it is more beneficial to you both mentally and physically. Many long distance runners talked about their lack of motivation to run marathon races again, once they finished it.

They, on the other hand, enjoy much more daily routine of running for several miles, and that is also exactly what health experts say about true and long lasting health befits of long distance running.

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