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To what extent does physical condition impact the progress of a woman's labor and birth? Does being fit equal a larger chance of an easy and quick birth and does being overweight or physically inactive mean that you will have a harder labor? These questions are, certainly, ones that many pregnant women would love to see answers to. Unfortunately, there is no way to really predict how your labor will progress. Every midwife and obstetrician would recommend women to be in good physical shape before getting pregnant.

Pregnancy exercises are also good for any expecting mom what prenatal work out is best for you depends on your condition, time, and what you enjoy. The general consensus is that healthy and fit women will have an easier pregnancy, be more energetic, and recover from childbirth more quickly. Women who are not obese or have poor muscle tone are less likely to cope with many pregnancy complications or ailments. These include gestational diabetes, back pain, hip pain, shortness of breath, and more. But does being fit really set you up for an easier labor?

It sure seems logical that laboring, which is a lot like running a marathon, will be easier on you when you are in good condition. When I got pregnant for the first time, I was an avid runner, and did weight lifting and tae kwon do on a regular basis. My pregnancy was really easy and the birth was just fine too not too much pain, and no exhaustion. By the time my son was born, I was still a tiny lady, but minus those toned muscles being a mom doesn't leave you a lot of time to work out. My second birth was shorter and even easier.

What does this tell you about how your labor will go? Absolutely nothing, of course! What you do know, however, is that being fit and healthy is great for you and your baby generally, and that there are plenty of reasons to work out during pregnancy. Perhaps you'll have an easy labor too, who knows!

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