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Has pregnancy changed at all since the time of our grandmothers? Isn't pregnancy just a natural process that remains constant through the ages? Perhaps so, but it's funny that the "revival" of natural childbirth is largely being promoted through something as high-tech as the internet, for instance.

The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and American Baby got together to find out what pregnancy is like for women this year, resulting in the 2011 Bump Report. They surveyed over a 1000 women with very interesting results. Morning sickness is still the main horror of pregnancy, according to 34 percent of moms to be who answers the survey. Fatigue and mood swings are right on its heels no surprise there.

So, what is new about pregnancy in 2011? A whopping 87 percent of participants in the survey said they planned to keep their friends and relatives informed during their labors through FaceBook and Twitter! We've seen a woman live-blog her labor and birth at home this year, and an artist gave birth in an art gallery as a highlight of "performance art".

The number of women who thinks the best way to cope with labor is to tweet about it is a little surprising, though! Over half of expectant moms said they announce their pregnancy within the first trimester, rather than waiting until the worst risk of miscarriage has passed, and 30 percent reported that making love was better than ever during pregnancy. Nearly three quarters of the women taking part in the survey intended to find out their baby's gender before birth.

So, what has changed? According to Dana Points, editor-in-chief of American Baby, its the way that women share their pregnancies with the world: "Millennial moms are so much more open about their pregnancies than generations before, thanks to the role social media plays in their day-to-day life."

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