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Introduction to carrying a baby low

When people say that carrying a baby low means that you will have a boy, not true, it is a myth.

However, there are things that should be paid attention to when a woman is carrying a baby low.

The only way to really discover what the sex of the baby will be is to perform an ultrasound or an amniotic fluid test.

Carrying low in pregnancy means that the belly’s height is influenced by muscle tone, uterine tone and the position that the baby is in while inside the body.


Another myth is that carrying low means that, there will be an early delivery or a short labor. The shape of the belly is determined first and foremost by the position of the fetus growing inside the uterus.

The position of the muscles of the pelvis and uterus that are holding the baby will determine the position that the fetus is in.

If the baby is located closer to the pelvis, then it is said that the woman is carrying low.

If your abdominal and uterine muscles are in shape and tighter, there is a greater chance that you will be carrying high.

When people age, the muscles get weak and start sagging, this is why women who are younger will tend to carry high, though it is not always the case.

It will also depend on the shape and frame of the woman and the length of her torso.

The way a woman carries the baby depends on her frame, muscle tone and the position of the baby. Usually, when it is the first child a woman is carrying, the baby will be hugging the muscles in an upright position, however, with each successive pregnancy, the babies will probably be located lower and lower each time. Precautions

When a woman is carrying low, there are some precautions that she must take. Since the baby is located closer to the pelvis, the woman must be more careful. There is a higher rate of miscarriages for women that carry low, and there is also a much greater chance that there will be a premature delivery.

Doctors suggest that women who are carrying low should not strain their muscles or lift heavy objects because this can push the baby down even further and even closer to the pelvic area.

It is also important to rest a lot when carrying low and not overexert one’s self.

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