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One Pennsylvania nurse's aid had more than the proverbial "skeletons in the closet". She got pregnant, hid her pregnancy from everyone she knew, gave birth in secret and then murdered the baby. If you think that is horrid and brutal, we'll have to shock you again. Michele Kalina didn't do this once, but five times.

She was taken into custody after her husband and daughter found the bones of five newborn babies in a closet. The babies are said to have been conceived after Kalina had extramarital affairs. Just imagine finding out that your mother killed five of your half-siblings, only to stuff them in the closet. DNA tests carried out on the bones that were found in Kalina's closet revealed that they came from five different newborns, at least four of which were born alive. It is said that one of the babies might have been a stillbirth.

Her extramarital boyfriend apparently was the father of "at least three of the babies". Another baby, also fathered by this man, was given up for adoption in 2003, Associated Press revealed. Michele Kalina also had two children with her husband, Jeffrey. One of them died of cerebral palsy in 2000. The other one, a daughter, was present when the babies' remains were discovered. The husband said that he suspected his wife was pregnant at least once, which she denied. The boyfriend did not suspect pregnancy, but Kalina had told him that she suffered from abdominal "cysts".

While she admitted to being an alcoholic "prone to blackouts", colleagues said that she was an excellent nurse's aid with a faultless 14 year work history. Nobody at her job had any idea of what was going on. Kalina had told her husband and daughter not to look in the closet, and had told the police that "she had been meaning to clean that closet"! For more morbid pregnancy-related news stories, check forced abortion for eight-month pregnant woman and Chicago woman abandons newborn in yard.

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