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Painful birth stories


One of the ways that can help women to experience natural childbirth is a nice birth story. There are stories told by brave women who experienced labor when there were no hospitals, doctors and other things that could ease labor. There are some incredible birth stories that emphasize the miracle of life and the fact that each birth is different and unique in its own way.


According to the experience of Sarah Grace, the contraction pain stopped when she started to push and from then she did not stop at all, until she saw her baby’s hair. Logan delivered her baby into this world very unexpectedly. She and her nearest ones believed that she will go to labor later that morning, but it actually started at 2:00 a.m. and it was all over in five minutes. Grace’s labor lasted 5 hours and 45 minutes. She only had 15 minutes of intense pushing and did not regret any moment of it. Based on her experience, all mothers should ignore terrible birth stories and dedicate to their own pregnancy and labor. A body of a woman is capable by its nature to give birth, and a woman only has to believe in herself.

Taylor Marie has another wonderful birth story where her mother cut the cord right after the labor. Marie pushed for whole 45 minutes and finally saw her baby daughter. The fact that grandmother cut the cord of her first grandchild was very important thing for the whole family, especially for Marie’s mother. Singing was a thing that reduced pain in the case of Radha. She sang through her delivery and everything went fine, she even managed to reduce the intensity of contractions. In the case of Noah Aiden, if her water hadn't broken, she wouldn’t have felt that a delivery had started. It was so easy and out of pain, that it even amazed her. Elliott experienced natural birth and she would not hesitate in doing it again in the same way. She did not say that it was not painful and stressful, but it was all worth it.


These stories teach us that natural birth is not so painful and horrible. Body of a woman is prepared for that miraculous event and you only have to give yourself a little more credit. Faith and strong will can help a lot, and you will not regret the experience that is available only to mothers, no matter how painful it can be.

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