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Necessity of Teeth

It is very important to have all teeth. Teeth can say a lot about a person, for example, if you see a person who doesn`t have half of their teeth, you would probably judge them in a way that they are irresponsible, uncaring and perhaps filthy. Teeth could be lost due to some dental diseases or in an accident. So, if you are missing a tooth, you should get a new one as soon as possible. It is not just about the looks, but about the overall health as well. Losing a tooth or several teeth can lead to many problems like changes or troubles in speaking or it may affect your self-confidence. If there is a tooth missing, the adjoining tooth can start changing its position towards the space of the missing tooth. Then it can cause your bite to change and your gums can catch some disease, which is usually followed by headaches and bite problems. Some really dangerous things can occur if you are missing teeth for a long time. Eroding of the area of the jawbone where the teeth is missing is really concerning. Before placing new dentures, you will need to have a built up bone in your jaw. You need to take care of your teeth properly, since missing teeth can lead you to have chewing problems, too.

Teeth Replacing Techniques

There are few ways in which you can have your teeth replaced. Besides well-known techniques of bridges and dentures, there is a new way called a dental implant. It is very popular all around the world, and it is the most practical and convenient of all. The dental implant is placed in the place of the tooth root. It is a tiny titanium screw that is well attached to the body and inserted to the bone of the jaw itself. The procedure is usually done under the local anesthesia, so you probably won`t feel anything. It is not painful and it has amazing results. You will finally be able to smile with your mouth wide open. It takes some six weeks for them to heal completely.

Dental Implants Advantages

According to a dentist Dr Valdas Labanauskas, the dental implants are the best solution. He thinks that dental implants will help you improve your confidence and self-esteem, since they will give a sensation of your own teeth. After some time, they feel like real teeth and that is an advantage in comparison to bridges or dentures. You will feel like you never missed a tooth at all. With dental implants you will be able to chew properly and with no difficulty. All in all, the dental implants are definitely the best solution for those who are missing teeth.

However, certain people are not recommended to have dental implants. People who suffer from significant immune deficiencies, hemophilia, connective-tissue diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, or some other systematic problems are not advised to have dental implants. Consuming alcohol and smoking can cause the implants to be unsuccessful. Pregnant women and small children that don`t have their jawbone completely developed may not be the right candidates for dental implants. Nevertheless, you shouldn`t neglect the fact that you are missing teeth. You should go to the dentist and consult with him/her what to do about it. Some people say that the first thing they notice when meeting a new person are their teeth.

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