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Replacing a Missing Tooth

There are many people who are missing tooth or several teeth and they should replace them as soon as possible. Have you ever noticed a person without some of their teeth and thought of them as irresponsible and uncaring? Missing teeth can really affect your looks. Another reason why you should replace the missing tooth is because it can also affect your chewing and speaking. Sometimes, it can cause the gum disease and decay because of the food stored in the gap. So, chose the best option and replace the missing tooth.

Methods for Replacing Teeth

One option that a patient could have and that exists for over 30 years now is called dental implants. They are made of titanium and in order for you to have it, you need to have enough soft tissue and bone to hold this implant. In the place of the missing tooth a screw is implanted, it has a special material on the surface that helps in promoting bone adherence and so it becomes the anchor in your bone. Healing process lasts for about three months and after that a crown or cap is attached. It may be necessary to restore the bone if you don`t have enough bone for the implant. Dental implants are said to last for a long time and the percentage of dental implants success is around 95.

Another procedure for replacing a missing tooth is called fixed bridges. This procedure is older than dental implants and has been used for over 50 years. A fixed bridge is done by drilling the enamel of the adjacent teeth and making a permanent bridge across the area of the missing tooth. However, it is not good for you if you don`t have enough bone, but it is very good if you have loose adjacent teeth because it joins them together. The procedure of fixed bridge is done quicker than the procedure of the dental implants.

In case, you opt for the procedure that is not going to be permanent, then the best choice is boned bridges at chairside or acid-etched bridges which can last one year, or it can last ten years and it doesn`t require cutting down the adjacent teeth. Other methods of replacing missing teeth include partial dentures, which keep the retaining clips out of sight and use a combination of crowns.

Helpful Information

Replacement teeth are usually made of porcelain and plastic. Every single one of them is made specially to match the size, color and shape of your tooth. Many people wonder if the plastic partial denture is better than the one that contains metal, but the fact is that plastic partial dentures are less expensive and have higher chances to damage the tooth, while on the other hand, the metal partial dentures are made of chromium and an alloy of cobalt, which make them stronger. If you don`t know which method to choose, then you should consult your dentist and according to the condition of your remaining teeth, he will tell you which one is the most suitable for you.

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