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Replacing Missing Teeth

A lot of people have problems with missing teeth and the most beneficial method of replacing teeth is definitely dental implants. They are two to four centimeters long and they are replacing the crown and the root of the missing tooth. Dental implants are made of titanium and they are perfect for you if you have just had your tooth extracted or fractured, and they are even a good solution in cases of serious tooth decay. Dental implants are also very good, because they let the patient have no troubles in speaking, eating, chewing or biting. Beside affecting your looks, speaking and chewing, missing teeth can cause serious dental issues such as further tooth loss, decay, TMJ or bite misalignment. If you are missing teeth, you should replace them as soon as possible.


If you want the work of the professional, you can go to Dr Zachary Hodgins, who has been training in the MISCH International Implant Institute and he can do the surgery by himself. He will provide you with both the surgical and restorative phases of the procedure. After you have been to Dr Zachary Hodgins, you can have crown and implants that are placed perfectly and will last for a long time. For the best results he uses photography, digital X-rays, bone mapping techniques and CT scans to make the appropriate diagnosis. He also uses a powerful digital 3D imaging and scanning software called SimPlant that allows him to place the implant virtually before placing the real one. It will help him determine the number of implants needed, as well as the type, size and the position of the implants.

You will not regret having dental implants because they have been praised over the years, as they are really good and have shown the astonishing results. There are a couple of things that dental implants have succeeded to achieve that other methods of replacing missing teeth haven’t. One of them is Tooth Conversation, meaning that you don`t have to remove the tooth structure on adjacent teeth like it is a case with bridges. Another reason why dental implants are very good is that there is no premature atrophy of the bone that causes aging in the face. Dental implants are a way much better than the other methods or replacing missing teeth because they offer superior longevity. They are made to last for long period of time and to provide their wearers the perfect bite. They are very safe as they cannot be dislodged once they are healed into the jawbone.

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