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Dental implants are titanium root devices used in dentistry to support restorations of tooth or groups of teeth. Dental implants are often used to replace missing teeth and generally everyone who has problems with teeth may consider having dental implants to improve overall oral health and to resolve different dental problems. Mini dental implants are based on the latest technology in dental implantology that makes it possible to place implants in a single visit to a dental office. In many cases, patients have problems with dentures, as they may be unstable and the patient may have a constant feeling that a denture is floating in the mouth. Mini dental implants offer stabilization system, which secures the denture and allows the patient to eat, speak and smile more confidently.

Mini dental implant procedure

Mini dental implant is made of a small titanium screw that actually acts like a root of the normal tooth. The implant has a retaining fixture, which fits to the lower part of the denture. Besides The mini dental implants are placed in a dentist’s office, and a complete procedure usually does not last for more than an hour. The implantation procedure involves a minimally invasive surgery that has no adverse side effects. The surgery is performed under the local anesthesia. Even the patients, who had their implantation procedures 30 years ago, are still happy with them.

How do the mini dental implants work?

Mini dental implants work in exactly the same way as normal full size dental implants. The titanium screw replaces the root portion of the tooth, while the rod supports the dentures and holds them in place. Mini dental implants are about half the width of traditional dental implants and able to withstand more pressure, since they are made of titanium alloy, which is extremely strong and durable. Mini dental implants are also used to hold single restorations, namely bridges and crowns, in place.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini dental implants

The greatest advantage one can get from mini dental implants is to eat and speak with confidence. Patients will be able to eat wide diversity of foods, including those that are hard and chewy. Improved bone retention and related oral health benefits are also worth mentioning. In addition, this long-term solution for missing teeth is considerably cheaper than traditional dental implants, and the results are immediate. With traditional implants, it takes about three to six months for an implant to take to the bone completely, and for the gum tissue to heal.

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