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Missing Teeth

Not only for the health, but also for the esthetic reasons it is very important that you do not have a gap between your teeth closed. People who have gaps between their front or back teeth can often lose their self-confidence. In many cases, the gaps can be the reason why people have troubles or changes in speaking. If you have a gap between your teeth, you need to find a proper way to close it. People are usually worried about the size of their gap if the gap is a space between two neighboring teeth, how they are going to look after closing the gap, when they will be able to chew and swallow properly, etc.


There are various ways of treatments of the gap between teeth. It can be done by a procedure called composite bonding, which is most suitable for the small gaps but is doesn`t last for a long period of time. A person who needs to fill in the gap between their front teeth can do it by putting porcelain veneers, which are suitable for bigger gaps but in some cases can have an unnatural look.

Another way for closing the gap can be by using an orthodontic treatment, which includes all types of braces: Damon braces, the Inman aligner, lingual braces, etc. Braces are moving the teeth closer to one another in order to close the gap. It may take several months and sometimes even up to two years for the braces to close the gap. In cases of a missing tooth, it needs to be replaced and orthodontic treatment and veneers would not be the right option then. In this case, a dental implant, dental bridge and partial denture would be the most suitable options.

One more way of filling the gap is by using a partial denture. However, you may experience some embarrassing situations with dentures as they tend to come loose. Dental bridge is a term used to describe a fixed bridge that is connected to the adjacent teeth. Reduction of the tooth tissue must be healthy for this procedure to be done.

There is one more way of treatment called dental implants. Artificial tooth, which is used to replace a missing tooth is called dental implant. This procedure can be done in two ways, and the first one is by placing an implant into the gap, which usually takes about six months to heal. The second one is by uniting the implant to the bone and then placing the bridge or the crown on the implant.

You should visit a dentist and discuss with him/her what treatment is the best for you.

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