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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are placed into specially drilled holes in your jaw. Artificial crowns are placed onto these implants. These teeth possess numerous qualities and act as more than excellent replacement for natural ones.

People lose teeth due to diseases, injuries or some other reasons. Either way, dental implants are much better solutions than dentures or dental bridges since they are more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and advanced in every respect.

The Feeling of Dental Implants

The greatest thing about dental implants is that, once the whole process is done and long-term crowns are placed on the roots, these teeth feel and look exactly like real, natural ones. This is very important since people with dentures and bridges may be ashamed of showing their teeth, afraid that others may realize that these are only imitations. However, with dental implants one has no such problems and he/she can smile and eat with no fear or shame since these teeth will stay in place and serve him/her well.

Aside from completely replacing your troublesome or lost teeth, dental implants will not harm your surrounding, healthy teeth. Moreover, dental implants can serve as bases for bridges, keeping these well fixed and fully functional. You can also wear a denture or a partial denture while having implants of this type.

Modern Dental Implants

Today, we have several main types of implants. Endosteal ones are placed into your jawbone by using screws, cylinders and blades. This type is recommended as an alternative to bridges. Yet, endosteal dental implants have a single crown mounted onto each implant.

Next, we have subperiosteal tooth implants. These are held by a metal framework which is placed in one's gums. This type is recommended for people who have insufficient bone height or cannot have regular dentures due to some other reasons.

Additional Benefits of Dental Implants

Aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully genuine these teeth will give you the confidence you have never had, making you proud of your dental health and your brilliant smile. Moreover, they will serve you well for a long time since they are usually made of titanium and other heavy-duty materials.

However, before you opt for dental implant surgery, make sure you choose a qualified periodontist with a lot of experience in the field. Once you have the dental implants done, you will need to undergo regular dental checkups and take good care of your dental hygiene. Make sure you do this and your dental implants will serve you for a lifetime.


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