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A guide to mini dental implants

There are a lot of people all over the world who are missing a tooth or even several teeth. People sometimes opt not to replace the missing teeth with implants. However, that is wrong and the missing teeth need to be replaced. The main reason why that is so, is because the other teeth will be under more stress and wear off more quickly.In most cases, Removable dentures are placed in for the missing teeth. A lot of people are not aware that these Removable dentures are known to cause certain problems as well. For instance, people who have them cannot consume all the food. The jaw and therefore the bite changes over the years and these dentures can become ill fitting. When that happens, a person will experience a lot of discomfort and irritation of the gums.

Dental implant

If a person did not want to get Removable denture, the only remaining options was a dental implant. However, the problem with dental implants is that they cost quite a lot and a lot of people cannot afford them. People should also know that the whole procedure of dental implants is quite painful. However, people should be aware that these were the only options until mini dental implants were discovered.

Mini dental implants

The good thing about mini dental implants is that they do not cost as much as the full implants, but some third of the full price. However, they are fixed to the jaw, just like the regular implants. This is why they are better than Removable dentures because they will not become ill fitting after a period of time.Another good thing about mini implants is that the procedure is not as painful as the one of full implants and the healing time is not as long either. In this procedure, the dentist places small anchor points into the jawbone which will hold the tooth in place.Not a lot of people know that the implants are made of titanium and on the top of the tooth a rubber ring is placed. The ring will cushion the tooth.The best two things about mini dental implants are their lower cost in comparison to full implants and a better security in comparison to the Removable dentures. In addition to this, the surgery does not last as long in case of full implants. Also, there is no danger of the tooth falling out in public or during a meal.

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