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Titanium root, or dental implant is used for replacing a teeth and it looks like a group or like just one tooth. The dental implants look almost the same as the actual tooth and in the most cases, the root-form endosseous implants are used. These implants are implanted in the bone and the titanium posts are used for its connection with the jaw bone. This titanium post is called osseointegrations and it provides the feel and looks of a natural tooth.

Missing Teeth

There are subperiosteal implants, which use screws for connection with the bones, and the endosseous implants, which are of metal and look like a flat blade available. However, the most common type of implants used is the root-form endosseous implant. Dentures, implant-supported bridges, crown and other dental prosthesis can be supported with the dental implants. Loss of tooth or some other disablement can impair your smile, functioning ability, oral hygiene and oral care. Also, self-esteem and confidence will have to suffer a blow as well. You can suffer a lot of embarrassment and pain if you laugh, talk, drink or eat and the missing tooth causes the mentioned problems. But do not be afraid of this problem because it has many solutions and we will see which in the following lines.

Dental Implants

Damaged or lost tooth can be replaced with fixed dentures or dental implants and they will eliminate all the problems you may have with confidence or health due to the dental problems. The strength of the natural tooth, along with its stability, can be regained by substituting natural tooth with dental implants, and this will provide your face muscles with stability, help you avoid muscular deterioration and sagging caused by aging, make your gums and teeth last longer and improve your dental health in general. Root of the dental implant is made of metal and it is attached to the underlying jaw bone. This implant also has other parts made of biocompatible materials. But also you can encounter porcelain teeth, which are connected with the bone and provide the natural shine due to the material used.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are used for bigger mouth area but they work in the same manner. Also, they represent a group of teeth that give great stability. Pain can be caused by unstable and shifting dentures and this can be corrected by fixed denture, which will eliminate the trauma and discomfort felt in such situations. Fixed dentures will remove speech problems, sores and trapped food, and they will be a great substitute for the natural teeth. They are made in order to fill the needs of every individual, so they are custom made. No matter which of the two options you undergo, it will provide the nice smile and great dental health for a long period of time.

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