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“Bless You” – “Thank You”

Many times in our lives have we heard these words the title itself pronounces. All of the times, however, it has been connected to sneezing. This action is common both in human and in animal worlds and actions. Sneezing, however, has it's own reasons and causes which many would like to know, from one reason or another. An even more interesting fact about this action is that it is a reflex, meaning that we cannot control it, or cause it ourselves. So, then, what causes sneezing and why?

What is Sneezing and Why Do We Sneeze?

This common action is triggered by many different factors. Namely, it all starts in our nose. When nerve endings inside our nasal cavity notice any irritations, they send a message to the part of our brain in charge of our involuntary actions. Further on, the brain triggers our lungs and pharynx to compress and rapidly expel air through both our nasal and oral cavities. Therefore, whenever our nose does not like the air or other substances we inhale, due to bacterial or other harmful qualities, it makes our body eject it in order to protect us and keep the air we breathe clean as well as the pathways through which it goes. That is the main role of sneezing. Pollen, smoke, foreign object, bacteria, viruses, and many other substance may all cause sneezing since they all irritate our nose and may cause us harm.

However, even though this body's natural defense system is highly effective, it has its flaws. Sometimes, it may misjudge the substances we inhale, and consider them dangerous when they actually are not. This is the cause of most allergies or cases of sneezing in unusual conditions such as when exposed to the sun or pollen.

Additionally, this mechanism reaches its peak when we are sick. When we have cold or suffer from flu, our nose is most often full with mucus. This fact prevents the air from entering our organism through the nasal cavity. Therefore, we sneeze in order to clear the obstructed pathways and expel all of the unwanted elements inside us, including the bacteria and viruses causing our sickness. What is more, coughing also contributes and has the same role, with the difference of being concentrated on the oral cavity and the throat. People should cough and sneeze when they are sick since these are the signs of one's organism fighting the germs. That being said, let your body sneeze because it only wants to make you happy and healthy without bothering you further.

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