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A few words about the allergy

Allergic response is, it could be said, the natural defence mechanism of the organism to some harmful effect from the environment. It is most commonly provoked by the everyday stuff from our surroundings, such as, for example, the pollen particles from the air (which is then called the hay fever), the insect bites, or some ingredients from the foods (most commonly the synthetic preservatives are likely to trigger the allergic response). The troublesome symptoms

Anyway, the most prominent symptoms of the health affected by the allergy and the autoimmune response of the organism are sneezing, irritation, discomfort, congestion of the nose or the runny nose, but the severe itch that could be described as coming from the inside is very often felt as well. That itch which is accompanied by the sensation of rather a scratchy feeling is usually located in the nasal cavities or in the back of the throat, and it is very annoying. Of course, these following signs of the allergic reaction are not so severe, but, they are intense and therefore they interfere a lot with the everyday functions and can make the life very troublesome.

So, in order to alleviate the effect of the unpleasant symptom, it is very recommendable to treat its cause (and not only the consequence of the problem), with the drugs which are most commonly prescribed for this condition, and which are called the antihistamines. Of course, the affected person should try to stay away from the provokers of the allergic response, as more as possible. Concerning that matter, the good tip is to buy the air condition, so that the air could pass through the process of filtering. Also, it is very beneficial to remove all the things made of wool from the house, since the allergens tend to accumulate in this and the similar fibers. Additionally, the dust should be removed more frequently.

Anyway, the severe and intense itch in the back of the mouth cavity is still considered as the syndrome, and it is so far related only to the oral intake of the allergens (the most common are the foods such as bananas, the seed from the sunflower, cucumber and chamomile flower). So, the most beneficial remedy which lessens the itch is the irrigation of the throat with the salt diluted in the lukewarm water. Also, the detoxification and the hydration of the organism, as well as providing enough rest for the body, are very helpful.

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