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This common condition is oftenconnected to flu or cold solely. However, this is not always thecase. Rather, an infection of the upper respiratory system, excessiveproduction of mucus or even swollen parts of the membrane liningaround our nose can be the reasons behind this problem. Often itmanifests through breathing difficulties due to an obstruction in theair pathways. This can lead to numerous complications disrupting thenormal patterns of our life, influencing our breathing which interrupts our sleeping, speaking and overall functioning. In order to know whatis causing this problem and how it can be solved, you are highlyadvised to read these lines and find the answersyou seek.

Manifestations of a Severe NasalCongestion

Apart from some of the symptomsmentioned above, people suffering from a severe case of nasalcongestion can experience pain and pressure above their eyebrows andin the upper side of their teeth. Moreover, green or yellow mucusdischarge may be a clear sign of this condition as well. Finally,nasal congestion of this type can interfere with one's sleeping,causing the lack of it due to the troublesome symptoms.

Reasons behind Severe Nasal Congestion

If the main cause of this phenomenon iscold or, perhaps, flu, the symptoms usually disappear on their ownafter a certain period of time. However, if the nasal congestionremains severe and persistent, the reasons behind it might be moreserious than we are likely to think.

First of all, allergies can be behindthese nasal problems, triggering the excessive production of mucusdischarge in order to expel the allergens from our body. The mucusoverload can be caused by our swollen blood vessels, commonly takingplace during pregnancy. Alternatively, one or both sides of ourseptum may be smaller in size due to deviations, restricting our airflow, causing all the symptoms of congestion. Also, a sinusinfection can cause prolonged experiencing of a nasal congestion.

Possible Treatments for NasalCongestion

One of the best methods for getting ridof the excessive mucus in your nose is exposing it to steam orlukewarm water. This will soften the built up mucus and make it flowout of your nose, ending the congestion. Saline solution can behelpful for these purposes as well.

Alternatively, drinking herbal teas,preferably from eucalyptus and eating broth soup can help with theseproblems. Finally, make sure you sleep in the right posture, notallowing nasal mucus to accumulate in your nasal cavity.

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