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We exchange the gases through ourrespiratory system; our body receives oxygen through the respiratory systemwhen we inhale the air, and it expels carbon dioxide when exhaling theair. Therefore, the health of the respiratory system should always be maintained. Apart from the lungs, this system is also madeof the bronchial tubes ands trachea. When the membrane that makes the liningof the bronchi gets inflamed, that condition is called bronchitis, and it is featured byredness and swelling of the affected region. These symptoms are often accompanied by pain. The bronchican be irritated either by microbes or by various irritants like chemicals and tobaccosmoking. Bronchitis can be of two types: acutebronchitis and chronic bronchitis.

Is acute bronchitis contagious?

In the majority of cases, theviruses are responsible for the occurrence of acute bronchitis, particularly theviruses that belong to rhino-viruses, as well as to adeno-viruses. These virusesare also known to cause influenza, apart from causing the inflammation of thebronchi. Acute bronchitis is a contagious conditionand the parents should not let their children play with the affectedchildren, since the virus can be passed easily from the infected child to thehealthy one. Chronic bronchitis may lead to theacute bronchitis, but in this case, the acute bronchitis is less contagious sinceit is developed out of the chronic bronchitis and not out of a viral infection.

How long is acute bronchitis contagious?

Acute bronchitis can be very easily spread from the sick person to the healthyone even by shaking hands since the virus is air-borne. Furthermore, thevirus can pass from the infected individual to the people in the surrounding bycoughing or sneezing. The acute bronchitis is contagiousas long as the infected person has it, which usually lasts about a few days or aweek. Acute bronchitis in some severe cases may even last for a month, and allthat time it is contagious.

Precaution from acute bronchitis

When one suffers from acute bronchitis, it is important to do whatever it is necessary as not to spreads the viral infectionto the people who are around. Thus, it is recommended to put a clothover the mouth ands nose while coughing and sneezing. The people with acute bronchitis shouldnot try to cure themselves without a professional help. Furthermore,they should take ample of rest, drink plenty of fluids and avoids places in which there are many people.

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