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The Variety of Sneezing

Sneezing, as most of us know is a reflex reaction, involuntary in nature, taking place due to foreign irritants found in our respiratory system. Once our nervous endings notice these unwanted particles, they send information about them to the brain which, after processing the data, sends instructions for muscle contractions which will deliver a strong outburst of air from our lungs, capable of expelling the troublesome particles out of our body.

This sneezing process is usually different for all people. We describe it as a strong release of air from both our nose and mouth, followed by a characteristic sound being released at the same time. However, this sound may vary from a person to a person, being high pitched or low pitched, strong and loud or almost silent. Of course, other variations are present as well. The frequency can also vary. Therefore, some people are capable of sneezing only two times in a row, while, at the same time, there are individuals who may sneeze dozens of times in one sequence. A mutual thing about sneezing, is the fact that those particles which get expelled from our organism are sent out flying at a speed of 100mph.

What Causes Sneezing?

There are many different things which can trigger sneezing in people. All these are usually some kinds of irritants, even though this does not necessarily have to be the case. Many people will sneeze once they encounter a bright light. Also, some people will start sneezing once they have eaten and are feeling full. On the other hand, climate changes and temperature can influence the onset of sneezing in some other individuals. The light may influence sneezing a lot. Sometimes, after eating, you might feel like you want to sneeze but are simply not capable of doing so, as if the sneeze is caught up in your body. In most cases like this, all you need to do is expose your face to the sun or other source of bright light and the sneezing will commence almost instantly.

Finally, even though sneezing is fairly harmless and useful in its nature, it may be dangerous under certain circumstances. As an example, sneezing while you are driving. You might lose control over the vehicle, your eyes might close for a second which could be crucial, or they might become watery, causing visual problems. Of course, if you have to sneeze try to cover your mouth with your hand or a handkerchief, avoiding firing out all these microorganisms from your mouth around people near you.

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