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A Troublesome Fit

Usually mild and temporary, scratchythroat is one of the first signs of a viral infection of this area.Therefore, it is a good indicator that some prevention measures needto be taken. This condition is often related to common flu, fevers,sneezing sprees and having a runny nose. Nevertheless, it is rarelysomething serious, but rather a sign of a seasonal sickness mostlyaffecting the youngest among us.

Reasons behind Scratchy Throat

Since viruses are easily transferredthrough sneezing, the process which fires them in the air and spreadsthem around, we are likely to contract the cause of our scratchythroat by inhaling the contaminated air or getting in contact withpeople who are already infected.

Also, some minor health conditions maylead to the scratchy throat sensation. On of the most common of theseis regular cold. This condition is directly caused by the previouslymentioned viruses and this usually goes hand-in-hand with a runnynose or possible fevers.

Once a common cold evolves, it mayeasily become flu. This viral infection affects our throat, lungs andoral area, triggering scratchy throat during speaking, drinking oreating, as well as swallowing. Again, runny nose is present, as wellas cough and high fever.

Sometimes, allergies may lead to thescratchy throat sensation. We might be allergic to dust, pollen andmany other allergens which irritate our air pathways, including ourthroat, causing the scratchy feeling in these areas. Moreover, indeveloped countries and big cities, due to the air pollutionpresenting a serious problem nowadays, more and more people areexperiencing scratchy throat issues.

Naturally, smoking cigarettes exposesyour throat to irritants. Therefore, scratchy throat can stemdirectly from this unhealthy habit. The same goes for excessivealcohol consumption and consumption of spicy food.

A scratchy throat, when present for alonger period of time, can create difficulties in one's life, makinghim/her incapable of sleeping peacefully or eating and performingother actions which involve using the throat area like drinking andswallowing. What is more, a bacterial infection may cause scratchythroat as well. Therefore, you should seek professional treatmentonce the symptoms start bothering you for a longer period of time.Once your doctor examines your throat, he/she will find out thereason behind your troubles and prescribe adequate treatment, usuallyconsisting of medications and some lifestyle changes.

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