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Sometimes, our nasal pathways get congested, leading to breathing problems, coughing and excessive mucus buildup. This situation can be quite bothersome and most people desire to deal with it as soon as possible.

Even though nasal irrigation is a hygiene habit coming from the eastern part of the world, all other people can reap benefits from it since it is a method which prevents numerous health problems and protects one's well-being.

What is Nasal Irrigation?

Basically, nasal irrigation is the process of flushing out the excessive mucus from the nasal cavity, cleaning our air pathways in the area. This procedure is often recommended by numerous health experts. However, everyone who practices nasal irrigation is advised to practice caution too.

Nasal irrigation has been known to be helpful for all people who suffer from headaches, facial pain, cough, halitosis as well as anterior rhinorrhea and other forms of nasal congestion. Moreover, numerous health experts recommend nasal irrigation as an effective adjunctive treatment for chronic sinonasal conditions.

Chronic sinus and allergy problems can lead to many difficulties, making a person feel as if his/her nose has been stuffed beyond recovery. Thus, people who suffer from these problems need nasal irrigation in order to breathe normally again.

However, nasal irrigation with a neti pot can also be a tool for prevention of all the above mentioned health problems which affect the sinuses or the nasal cavity.

Apart from using a neti pot, nasal irrigation can be done with a syringe or a squeeze bottle. In fact, the medical procedure for nasal irrigation is done by syringe. Yet, recently, more and more people have started practicing nasal irrigation at home, using the easily obtainable neti pots in order to place the warm saline solution into the nasal cavity.

Nevertheless, the choice of the device you desire to use when it comes to this procedure is entirely up to you. Therefore, the most important factor is your preference and the nasal irrigation method you find to be the most effective for your purposes.

Is It Safe to Use Neti Pot?

There are many people who are against this form of practicing self-hygiene, rendering it potentially dangerous in some cases. However, on the other hand, many other individuals say nothing but positive things about nasal irrigation, regardless whether it is done with a neti pot or with some other similar item made for these purposes.

Experts claim that flushing out the mucous substances from the nasal cavity moisturizes the area, having additional health benefits, apart from the expected ones. It is well-known that nasal irrigations removes substances like dirt, allergens, pollutants and bacteria located in the mucus itself.

Hence, the warm salt water makes the mucus loose, making its removal easy and quick, setting the tiny little hairs in the nose, the cilia, free and capable of collecting other information about the substances found in the nose. Also, once the cilia are free, they can once again serve their purpose of disallowing the extra mucus from reaching the nasal area.

The salt water used for nasal irrigation can be purchased in most health stores, even though it can be made at home as well.

Those who are pro neti pot nasal irrigation emphasize the healthy effects of this procedure, considering it an excellent method for preventing any forms of sinus and nasal problems. However, those who believe that the nasal mucus is where it is for a reasons beg to differ.

Namely, a lot of people believe that once people stop using nasal irrigation after a long-term period of use, face a cessation of sinus problems for about 62% a year. Therefore, those who are against neti pot nasal irrigation believe that the mucus inside the nose protects the area against the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, being the first life of defense of our organism. Subsequently, when we remove this line of defense, according to those who are against nasal irrigation, we are more prone to illnesses.

Practice gives its results in forms of the most common absence of any side-effects related to neti pot usage and nasal irrigation altogether. Nevertheless, in a small number of cases, people using this form of nasal irrigation have experienced irritation in the nasal area. Still, people who are prone to nasal bleeding or those who do not have a fully functional swallowing system should avoid this procedure.

Finally, it is crucial to keep the nasal irrigation device clean so that you prevent any potentially harmful microorganisms from reaching your nasal area, making matters worse. So, throw away your neti pot after using it a couple of times and purchase a new one.

All in all, cleaning your sinuses and nasal pathways with a neti pot is a recommended procedure, keeping your personal hygiene at a high level and protecting yourself from many illnesses. Nevertheless, consult with your doctor before using the neti pot for the first time.

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