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Nasal congestion is one of the most common health problems in the modern society. Such a type of congestion can lead not only to the difficulties in the related actions (hearing or speaking), but it is frequently tightly associated with troubles while sleeping. It sometimes can even lead to the fatal outcome, and it happens if the affected person cannot inhale the air through the nose at all during some period and thus provokes the heart attack.

It is rather a condition because it has the symptoms which are very unpleasant. One of the most disturbing things about it is the pain in the area of the inside the nose, since it is the consequence of swollen membranes. Those membranes are located inside the nose and their purpose is to maintain the level of humidity inside the nose so that the entrance of the viruses and bacteria could be stopped.

These membranes also contain a lot of blood vessels which become wider or tighter depending on the different factors. Most often they get dilated because some external irritation, such as pollen of some food triggers or germs. So, when the veins and capillaries become wider, the membranous tissue, in fact, becomes swollen.

Anyway, the most common conditions that are likely to lead to the nasal congestion are cold, some disorder of the sinuses, allergies and flu.

But, fortunately, this condition can be treated at home and it is even more reasonable way of solving the problem of the congested nose. The most reliable home remedies are often the aromatic herbs which need to be cooked, and then, their steam inhaled. So, the inhalers can be based on the basil, baking soda, the juice from grapefruit, and, of course, salt. Those solutions are better to be exhaled afterwards. And, there is another way of inhaling, which includes using some cloth and, for example a few drops of the peppermint oil.

In some cases, especially when the small children suffer from the blocked nose it is good to light up the cardamom seeds and then make the child to inhale its smoke. The smoke from the burning of the black pepper seeds is also very beneficial and effective remedy. The 3rd way of inhaling is to keep the inhaler near or on the pillow by night, when sleeping, and for that purpose, the best remedy is the carom seeds.

When it comes to the diet, one should eat the foods that will not trigger any allergic reaction and avoid fats, salt and sugar. Of course, the intake of the vegetables and fruits is highly beneficial but the most popular remedies for this condition are the mixture of horseradish, the apple extract vinegar or the tomato soup.

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