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Why caffeine won't sober up an alcoholic

Yet Another Misconception

There are many folk tales which people take seriously and often either suffer because of following their instructions or experience no effect whatsoever once they decide to apply the teachings of these.

One of the oldest examples is combining caffeine with alcohol, in order to suppress the latter. Surely, there is certain logic behind it and people think that caffeine, being a stimulant, is capable of getting you out of the state alcohol usually puts you in.

However, the combination of the two will never bring you any good. Coffee and alcohol do not rule each other out. Rather, in some cases, this combination can be quite wrong and may lead to further complications regarding the intoxicated state a person is in.

Do Not Drink Alcohol and Coffee

Since, in order for alcohol to get out of one's system, he/she needs to stay away from it for some time, in order for the body to eject it through the skin, excrements and other bodily processes. Therefore, drinking coffee while drunk can give you a false illusion of being sober, even though all the alcohol is still circulating through your body. This can lead to false assumption that a person is capable of, for example, driving a car, even though he/she is not.

Naturally, such mistakes and misconceptions may easily lead to accidents. The only thing that changes in your organism once you drink caffeine is awareness which raises in your drunk state. Therefore, there is still alcohol in your blood stream, your motor skills are still impaired, along with your judgment, regardless of the fact that you might not feel this way.

Since caffeine is dangerous to be mixed with many drugs someone might be taking in order to treat a heart problem, you need to be careful in this respect as well. Moreover, you should never mix alcohol, caffeine and drugs as this can lead to many problems.

Therefore, combining alcohol with caffeine is a bad choice and should not be done. Numerous scientific researches have dealt with this problem and came to the same conclusion. Caffeine in one's body, after excessive alcohol consumption, does not make him/her sober. Rather, it makes him/her falsely aware and misleads a person into taking dangerous, even life-threatening, actions due to this counter-productive self confidence.

Also, when alcohol is already present in the body, caffeine stays in your system longer and is harder to be expelled.

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