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Acne are triggered by numerous parts of our lifestyle, including the substances we consume. Thus, even though coffee is a stimulant that many of us cherish and indulge in daily, it is still known to cause the above mentioned skin problems that many people woefully encounter. Basically, caffeine influences many aspects of our life, from our sleeping patterns to our level of awareness and digestion. So, it affects the health of our skin as well.

Truths and Lies

Throughout past years, caffeine has been claimed to wreak havoc on your facial skin, when consumed through chocolate bars. However, the chocolate used in the tests which were to prove this, was not natural, made of milk. Rather, it was an imitation. Nevertheless, the high levels of glycemic load found in cow milk tend to be the factor behind acne on one's face.

Alternatively, as many people, qualified or not, claim, sugar and milk to cause acne to form on one's face. Namely, certain foods, predominantly sweets are digested quickly, releasing high levels of glucose into our bloodstream. Then, in order to counter this state of affairs, our body releases a special growth hormone which causes acne.

Also, you need to perceive your face as the gate to the rest of your organism. Basically, if you have acne, this can be a sign of something going wrong in your digestive system. Our body expels all the substances and waste material we do not need through urine, feces and sweat. So, if you have acne, perhaps your body is not working the way it should, due to your lifestyle. Introduce exercising and start eating healthier food. Finally, bear in mind that caffeine does have an effect on your skin, so do not go overboard with it too.

The Effect of Caffeine on Your Body

Stress is some of the worst states we can get in. It triggers the production of cortisone, hormone which leads to anxiety and increased activity of our sweat glands, which produce oil which then clogs the pores on our skin, capturing bacteria there, leading to acne. Stress is best cured by sleep and relaxation. Therefore, proper sleep means less acne. Bearing in mind that coffee is a stimulant which keeps us awake, it does not contribute to resting much.

Therefore, you should not consume caffeine before bedtime, since it will prevent you from relaxing. So, no coffee, TV, web surfing or eating for at least an hour before going to bed. This will liberate your body and decrease the levels of stress, helping you sleep and wake up with a healthier skin.

Note that livers of pregnant women take about 12 hours to flush out 50% of all the consumed caffeine. On the other hand, in a healthy adult, this process lasts for about 4 hours. The longer the caffeine stays in your body, the stronger the effect it delivers will be.

So, drink coffee in moderation, avoiding skin problems and all the other side-effects which go hand-in-hand with caffeine.

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