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If you believe that your body can perform more after you consume caffeine, you are right. Namely, numerous tests have shown that caffeine possesses the necessary boost which can be given to the human body, increasing its performance in sports and physical activity per se. Basically, researches have shown that caffeine ingestion leads to 1.9% improvement in running the treadmill to exhaustion. Other such analyses have shown that people who consume caffeine are capable of cycling for 15 minutes longer. As for swimmers, the exhaustion training was prolonged for 25 minutes. All in all, caffeine does boost our performance significantly.

The Effect of Caffeine

Simply enough, caffeine increases our body's performance by allowing our muscles to contract faster and with much more ease. Moreover, caffeine increases a person's concentration and eliminates the feeling of fatigue, causing it to take place much later. Also, this substance alters our mood, making us feel better and relieved of pain.

Furthermore, caffeine increases the levels of fatty acids in the bloodstream, contributing to the fat burning processes, saving the glycogen from the muscles.

Finally, many people know that caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it triggers urination and fluid expelling. However, this is not so when you are exercising. Thus, nothing can harm you when you take caffeine before your exercising routine. Nevertheless, you still have several aspects to pay your attention to.

Time and Manner for Taking Caffeine

People who are into running usually opt for taking a caffeine pill about an hour or 30 minutes before the race or the important sports event they are taking part in. If you desire to get the healthy maximum from caffeine, you can take up to 3mg per one kilogram of your body weight. Note that at least 2mg is the amount necessary for a performance boost.

Bear in mind that drinking coffee or taking caffeine often will deprive you of the desired effect. Therefore, stay away from coffee for at least 6 days before the event. Also, caffeine will only boost your exhaustion performance, increasing your abilities in this respect.

Is This Healthy?

Not only is coffee consumption safe, it is healthy as well. Basically, those who consume a cup of coffee daily are bound to be less prone to developing diseases like diabetes type 2, or liver damage, gallstones, colon cancer, low cognitive functions and even Parkinson's disease.

Yet, if you go overboard, consuming too much caffeine, headaches and insomnia will be some of your problems, as well as fatigue.

Today, athletes, especially runners and cyclists, get their caffeine through energy drinks which are capable of boosting their muscle performance too.

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