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There are many products that contain caffeine and that people consume every day. The best sources of caffeine are coffee and tea, but it can also be found in some beverages and even in some chocolates, though only in small amounts. Caffeine is not a drug, but it affects people as certain drugs and it makes them addicted to it. By regular consuming of caffeine products, the people become gradually dependent on it.

When people notice that caffeine does a lot of harm to their health, they decide to stop consuming it. Once the person stops consuming caffeine, the caffeine withdrawal symptoms are likely to emerge, causing a lot of discomforts for that person. However, the side effects of the caffeine withdrawal are not very serious and they are just temporary.

Caffeine withdrawal and headaches

Headaches are among the caffeine withdrawal side effects. This symptom is usually followed by several other symptoms. When we have a headache, we also have poor concentration and we become irritable. The person cannot perform the daily activities and cannot focus easily. Often the people lose their control and then take a cup of coffee eventually.

Caffeine withdrawal and headache remedy

Fortunately, there are certain remedies that can treat the headaches that occur as a side effect of caffeine withdrawal.

Once a headache appears, it is recommended to take a refreshing nap, which will eliminate the headache and refresh the whole body, which tends to be somewhat sluggish in the period when the person chooses to stop consuming caffeine. Peppermint tea can significantly decrease the intensity of the headache and also decrease the caffeine dependence. The sniffing of peppermint oil may also help when the headaches caused by caffeine withdrawal are in question. Headaches can also be reduced by massaging the head with some essential oil, especially coconut oil and olive oil. Acupressure is also advisable when one suffers from headaches during caffeine withdrawal. Water should be drunk a lot since it is one of the most effective caffeine withdrawal remedy. The caffeine withdrawal headaches may also be eliminated by consuming certain medicines, but should be used only when the above mentioned remedies are not effective. However, before using the drugs, it might be a good idea to consult a doctor. It is not recommended that the person should take the medicine whenever the headache occurs since the person can develop addiction to these drugs. Therefore, over-the-counter medicines should not be used since they can be quite harmful.

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