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Many people need a cup or two of coffee in the morning just to get started. They may also crave for a couple of colas just to make it through the afternoon. These people are definitely addicted to caffeine and they got used to consume it on a daily bases so the body simply asks for more.

Caffeine is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. People are fascinated with the mental boost caffeine provides with and are prone to take it habitually without much thought. Even though coffee drinking accounts for the majority of caffeine intake, this substance is also found in many other products such as tea, chocolate, cola and other beverages. Caffeine is also a component of certain over-the-counter medications. By consuming many of the mentioned products people simply start to become addicted to caffeine. This makes caffeine a legal stimulant that plays with our nervous system and is responsible for the havoc.

Addictive Properties

One of the difficulties related to caffeine is that people who consume products containing caffeine do not think of the substance as a drug, at least not like they think of alcohol or nicotine. However, the coffee we drink in the morning actually 'gets us going' and has the same effects as any other drug. There is the overnight lack of caffeine and it leads to withdrawal symptoms. In people who consume caffeine on regular bases there is a lack of mental alertness, drop in energy and decline in mental sharpness.

Caffeine is easily absorbed and soon distributed through the entire body. It is capable of passing directly into the central system. The substance does not accumulate in the body or the bloodstream and is easily excreted via kidneys. It is not recommended for a person to abruptly cease with intake of caffeine. This may lead to caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headache, drowsiness, depression, vomiting etc. It is more appropriate to start with gradual reduction of intake.

How much Caffeine is Enough Caffeine?

This is a very difficult question. Each person has a different tolerance level toward caffeine. For example, one cup of coffee is enough for some people while others can have up to 6 cups of coffee per day. Apart from taking caffeine with coffee many people increase the intake with cola and other beverages. The more people consume products the more they become addicted.

The good news is that addition to caffeine can be easily cured. Reduction of daily intake of caffeine can be successfully achieved with drinking decaffeinated coffee and switching to a non-caffeinated cola. The need for caffeine will diminish after just a few days.

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