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A Potentially Dangerous Phenomenon

Once you notice white bumps on your lips you should be concerned. Even though this might not be a sign of anything serious, at the same time, it might be. Therefore, you are advised to visit your dermatologist and have the cause of the white bumps on lips diagnosed.

Some of the worst case scenarios which may be behind this problem is oral cancer, herpes, infections, sebaceous cysts, mucocele or cysts containing substances produced by our salivary glands. Also, white bumps on lips may take place due to certain medication you are taking. Having said all this, you are best to react timely and have the condition behind your white bumps on lips diagnosed and, if necessary, treated.

The Main Cause of White Bumps on Lips

Some people experience these bumps due to the activity of ectopic sebaceous glands in the lips. Then, these white spots, or bumps, are called Fordyce's spots, being around 3mm wide in diameter. Luckily, these are not triggered by viral or bacterial activity and they are not contagious. Rather, they appear during childhood, but become prominent during adolescence. The signs of this condition may appear in the mouth and even in some other areas, like the genitals. However, they are painless and they appear due to harmless hormonal actions.

Treatment of Fordyce's Granules

These are usually completely harmless. Yet, you might want to get rid of them due to aesthetic reasons. Then, there are certain gels you might use in order to make the bumps disappear or become less prominent. Also, acne medication can prove to be useful. Moreover, you might combine the gel with alpha hydroxy acid on a daily basis.

Alternatively, vaporizing laser treatment can do away with the white spots on the lips. Electrodessication is yet another useful solution. However, it is best to consult with your doctor before opting for this procedure since you might end up with scars or burns.

Cryotherapy may also be a valuable choice. Here, the white bumps are exposed to extremely low temperatures before being removed. This is more or less painless. Still, there have been cases of tissue and nerve damage. Finally, you may try skin peels. However, after the procedure you need to use skin moisturizers regularly and stay away from the sun until your skin recovers fully. Oral hygiene needs to be perfectly practiced if you are to completely get rid of the red bumps on your lips.

All in all, these are the possible removal alternatives. At the end of the day, you might even keep your Fordyce's granules and live with them. They might be bumpy and white, but these are completely harmless. Thus, you may ignore them and enjoy life full of self-esteem.

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