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In most cases, bumps on our skin appear once we are bitten by insects or we have an allergy strike. Usually, in those cases, these bumps are quite itchy and irritating. Yet, there are cases where these skin bumps may appear without any symptoms whatsoever, often preventing one from even noticing these growths due to the absence of itching. While some bumps which do not itch may be harmless, some may be signs of serious health problems. Either way, if a skin bump is persistent, you are advised to seek medical assistance and deal with this problem through adequate treatment.

Types of Skin Bumps that Do Not Itch

The first possible suspects, when it comes to skin bumps which do not itch, are cysts. Cysts can be defined as gassy, liquid or semi-solid substances which are located inside a growth which resembles a small sac. These are very small growths and often they can only be noticed with the aid of a microscope. However, this is not always the case since there are situations where a cyst may be so big that it moves entire organs from their places. Cysts get created due to blood flow obstructions, tumors, infections, inflammations and other factors. Non-itching cysts usually do not cause any health problems. If a cyst starts leading to health complications, you are advised to take action and have it removed.

Wart and Syphilis

Next, the non-itching bump you have may be a wart. This is nothing more than a viral infection triggered by the human papillomavirus, developing on hands and feet, even though there are some types of this virus which affect other parts of the body too. These can be removed through topical treatments or surgery.

Syphilis may also be the main cause behind the bump. People do not identify this condition easily, due to the fact that syphilis triggers numerous symptoms resembling other conditions. However, it is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease. Three weeks of exposure leads to bumps appearing on the genitals or even inside the female sex organ. These bumps do not itch or lead to pain. If left untreated, these bumps evolve into wart-like growths.

Lipomas and Cherry Angioma

Lipomas are benign tumors made of fatty tissues. These appear as soft bumps under the surface of the skin, being movable and painless. Forearms, thighs or torso are the most common body parts affected by lipoma formation, especially in case of middle-aged people. If the lipoma does not cause any pain, it is usually not treated.

Finally, red bumps on the skin may be due to a condition called cherry angioma which does not itch. Skin tags may be yet another cause of bumps without these symptoms, appearing on the skin surface, usually on the groin, neck, armpit or face.

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