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Usually, most of us experience having white spots on our toenails from time to time. However, this is considered normal and these occurrences take place due to a previously endured injury. Nevertheless, there are cases where some other, more worrying situations are behind this problem.

For example, if the white spot on your toenail starts growing, getting bigger and more prominent, you might be suffering from a fungal infection of the area. Then, the white spot is bound to grow and change its color into yellow or something even darker. Alternatively, your fingernail may get lifted, once the fungi start to grow.

React Timely

If you start experiencing these changes affecting your toenail, make sure you seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Fungal infections can be easily treated if they are discovered early. Therefore, as soon as you see the white spots, have them analyzed by your doctor. When they spread excessively, apart from destroying your toenail, these fungi may spread further. Thus, it is very important to react timely and seek adequate treatment. Nail fungi may be treated by herbal medications, prescription drugs and some other means of treatment.

Reasons behind White Spots on Toenails

There are cases where fungal infections of toenails take place due to excessive usage of nail polish over the area. Nail polish prevents the nail from perspiring, allowing fungi to multiply.

Moreover, leading busy lives, we tend to pay less and less attention to our nutrition. This leads to deficiencies in minerals and vitamins. Subsequently, this lack of proper nutrients may manifest through white spots on our nails. Calcium deficiency is usually visible through these spots, regardless if they appear on our fingernails or toenails.

If your hair starts falling out and your immune system seems to have gotten weaker, there is a high likelihood that you are suffering from zinc deficiency, especially if these signs are combined with the white spots on your toenails.

As it was mentioned above, injuries are known to cause white spots on toenails. We usually forget the moment we hit our toes accidentally. However, the white spots may bear witness of this occurrence, even weeks afterwards.

Alternatively, if our toenails are allergic to the polish we use, they can suffer from an allergic reaction, manifesting through white spots on their surface.

Possible Treatment

You may want to treat this problem on your own. However, it is much better to seek a professional opinion since your doctor will find the reason behind your toenail problem easily, suggesting the best treatment possible.

Finally, since prevention is the best cure, eat healthy, lead a healthy life and take good care of your toenails, keeping them clean and safe from harm.

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