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Marks of Sun Exposure

If you are one of those people who get sun spots you know what these are. Namely, whenever you desire to go out on a sunny day, enjoying a walk or a day at the beach, you are bound to have these tiny reminders of your sun issue popping all over your face. Some people do not mind these. On the other hand, some people do not mind living without sun spots and would like to remove them as soon as these tiny spots appear. Thus, let us learn more about sun spots and how they can be treated.

Sun spots appear due to our face's exposure to sun. Actually, these may come out on any given part of the skin exposed to the sun excessively. However, since this part is usually our face, it is the common place where one can expect sun spots to appear. These tiny spots, being brownish or white and flat, besides indicating you have enjoyed sun quite a bit, also may be signs of an ongoing skin cancer. Therefore, you are to look further into your sun spots, remove and prevent them.

What to Do With Sun Spots

Well, taking into consideration that these “harmless” spots usually go hand-in-hand with wrinkles and skin discoloration, along with other skin problems, we definitely should take some action against them.

First and foremost, you are highly advised to use high quality sunscreens whenever you go out in the open. Protection factor should be more than 40 and you should apply it at least half an hour before exposing yourself to sun. If it is the beach you are visiting, whenever you swim or expose your skin to water, reapply the sunscreen. Keep yourself protected from the sun. This means hiding your face, skin and hair in some kind of a shade. Of course, you know that going out in the sun between 11am and 3pm is a big no-no, so try not to tempt the harmful ultraviolet rays at their strongest part of the day, since you might regret it soonenough.

These were means of prevention. If you, however, already have sun spots on your skin, you might take chemical peels and microdermabrasion into consideration. These make the skin smooth and remove damaged layers, revealing your healthy, new skin.

Other things you might try are intense light pulse therapy, laser resurfacing, using various skin creams which are also meant for age spots or settling for Botox or collagen injections in the face.

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