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Freckles on Lips Characteristics

Freckles on lips are the same as freckles on any other part of our body. Namely, these appearances manifest through being flat, brown or black colored. Usually, these are round, even though they may vary in size and shape. Commonly, freckles are hereditary and are transferred genetically. So, if you have a history of these freckles in your family, there is a high likelihood that you will have them too. They are triggered by ultraviolet sun rays which make these tiny spots more prominent.

Therefore, some people do not even have freckles on lips until summer comes with the excessive sun. On the other hand, others have them at all times, varying in their prominence and visibility. Depending on their looks, number and sizes, these may be quite unattractive to some, wanting to get rid of their freckles. There are several ways to do that, so read on in order to get adequately informed.

Getting Rid of Freckles on Lips

If you desire your freckles gone, the best choice would be to pay your dermatologist a visit. Then, your freckles will be examined and you will be recommended all the possible ways of freckle removal. One of these may be bleaching. This method involves applying bleaching creams on the surface of your lips. These agents will make freckles disappear from the surface of your skin. However, you need to apply the cream regularly, following the instructions given to you by your doctor. Similarly, you might opt for chemical peels. There are two types of this procedure, one which lasts shortly and one which will give you more time to enjoy your face and lips without freckles. Either way, your skin will be treated with different chemicals which will remove freckles.

For long term results, you might be interested in laser removal of your freckles. This method is fast, but very painful. However, after enduring it, your freckles are not likely to appear for at least 5 years.

For those who do not want these costly medical procedures, there are many natural home remedies for removing freckles from your lips. Mixing honey with wheat germ and applying it on the area for 15 minutes, before washing it off with cold water may help in the long run. Leaving lemon juice over your freckles for about 20 minutes may have the same bleaching effect as the chemicals mentioned above, when repeated during a longer period of time. Sour cream application may have positive effects too, but you do not have to wash it off later, just wipe your lips clean and apply a moisturizer. Finally, use sunscreen regularly to keep yourself and your skin protected.

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