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The Side-Effect of Sun Rays

Excessive sun exposure may have a lotof negative side-effects on our health and overall well-being.Therefore, one is to be careful and protect him or herself from it atall times. However, sometimes, we just want to enjoy the sun briefly.Unfortunately, some people cannot afford that to themselves withouthaving to experience negative consequences. Namely, people who have amore sensitive skin, may develop small white spots on their skin,caused by the sun exposure. Additionally, fair people are more proneto this than those with darker tan are.

What Causes White Spots on the Skin?

Some of us are simply allergic to sunrays in one way or another. There are many different ways of theseallergic reactions. Thus, you may have blisters, redness, itchinessand numerous other side-effect stemming directly from sun exposure.Additionally, headaches, nausea and fever may also be caused by thenegative influence of the sun.

Secondly, taken into consideration thatsome of us do not have high enough amounts of melanin, white spotsmay emerge on the surface of one's skin due to pigmentation problems.Therefore, the spots may appear either before or after tanning fromspending time in the sun.

Alternatively, some medications maycause white sun spots appearing on a person's skin. On the otherhand, a specific kind of fungus may be behind this condition as wellas certain illnesses and additional types of allergies.

Possible Treatment

One of the best cures for white sunspots on skin is the aloe vera. Namely, you may apply the gel fromthis plant, by cutting it along the length of its leaf, onto thetroublesome spot on your skin. The gel will ease any irritations theskin might be enduring, resulting in disappearance of the spots.

If you are experiencing pain,irritation or discomfort around and over this skin formation, you mayapply ice compression over it. Most probably, this will be able tobring an end to this uncomfortable fit and provide you with relief.

Also, you might choose some productsavailable to be bought without prescriptions. There are several ofthese medications in forms of creams or other topically appliedsolutions for you to choose from.

Finally, bearing in mind thatprevention is the best cure, you must avoid spending too much time inthe sun. Whenever you do go out, make sure you wear light,long-sleeved clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Wear a hat wheneverexposed to the sun and ensure your proper hydration by drinkingenough water.

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