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What causes dark spots on lips?

This form of lip discoloration can have a number of causes, but it seems that unhealthy living and eating habits, as well as use of certain medications are some of the most frequently culprits. To start with, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine and that are drunk hot is one of the reasons why these dark spots appear on lips. Besides this, it has been identified that vitamin B deficiency, hormonal changes in the body, and increased level of iron can also provoke these dark spots. Those who have a habit to frequently lick their lips or to bite them are also more prone to developing this problem, which is particularly common in younger population and in those who are older, even thought the real reason for this is not really clear.

How to get rid of dark spots on lips?

Luckily, there is solution to this problem, as well as there are several tips that those who have it should stick to. Since hot foods and beverages and high temperature only seem to aggravate the condition even more, it is necessary to avoid consumption of such things, or to wait until they cool down at least. For the whole body and lips as well to be properly hydrated, it is necessary to take in a lot of water on daily basis. This will prevent the lips from becoming dry, and in case one still has problems with dry and chapped lips, they need to refrain from the habit of licking the lips.

For people who developed this problem due to the habit to smoke or to drink a lot of coffee or tea, something has to be changed about it. Even though it might sound unfair, as long as those habits are present, the condition will not disappear.

Since lemon juice is something like a natural bleacher and has the ability to lighten the skin, dark spots on lips can be treated with a mixture that contains equal amounts of lemon and honey. Products that are used for lip care (lip balms, lip gloss, cold creams, etc.) should be manufactured by reliable companies and their expiry date needs to be checked. If none of these suggestions help in decreasing or getting rid of the problem, maybe it would be wise to consult a dermatologist.

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