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The skin disorders are among the most distressful conditions for people since the skin is outer or external organ and covers the whole body, which makes it visible to the other people. Thus, when certain skin diseases occur, they cause obvious and noticeable signs on the skin.

One of the numerous skin ailments is Fordyce’s spots. It is a quite common skin disorder marked by the outbreak of small yellow growths on several parts of the body. These slightly elevated spots may appear on the lips, mouth, tongue and cheeks as well as on the labia and penis, although in the majority of cases, the lower lip is most affected.

Many people tend to mistake the condition in question for genital warts, but these two skin ailments are different. While the Fordyce's spots are tiny, genital warts are quite larger and it is the main difference.

Treatment for Fordyce's spots

Fordyce’s spots are not a serious skin condition and there are several treatments that are proven to be quite potent when this skin disorder is in question. Therefore, when this disorder appears, there is no reason for people to worry.

Fordyce's spots can go away without any treatment, but if we want to speed up the healing, there are certain medications we can apply, for example, Tretinoin cream or gel. Tretinoin stops further spreading of this skin disorder. Furthermore, it is also considered that the application of this cream or gel prevents the recurring Fordyce’s spots.

Accutane is another option, but this remedy has several side effects, among which are headaches, depression, eye problems, urinary problems, rash, chipped lips and pains in the joints and muscles. Pregnant women should not consider its use.

Other treatment options include TCA chemical peeling, laser vaporization, liquid nitrogen freezing and cryosurgery. Cryosurgery is a procedure where the cold temperatures are applied to the affected skin area, and although it can treat Fordyce’s spots, it can have several adverse effects, like possible damaging of healthy tissues and nerves.Home remedies for Fordyce’s spots

The people who suffer from Fordyce’s spots should consume a healthy diet. Garlic should be included in the diet since it is very effective in destroying the bacteria which are harmful and which are in the mouth area and in the bloodstream. Moreover, garlic is high in folic acid, which promotes the good metabolism. Jojoba oil, as well as Argania and Tocopherol extract, are also considered to be very powerful for the treating of Fordyce’s spots.

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