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What are Rashes?

Rashes are any kinds of skin changes which result in the change of its texture or color. These might affect single, smaller areas of one's skin, or may affect the skin as a whole, affecting larger surfaces or spreading through many smaller occurrences.

As for the reasons behind rashes, there can be many. Usually, these take place due to allergic reactions or excessive atmospheric dryness and heat. However, there may be cases where rashes are triggered by some cancerous condition, such as squamous cell carcinoma.

The following lines, however, discuss possible causes and treatments regarding rashes on one's lips.

Reasons behind a Rash on Lips

Actinic cheilitis is a condition which causes a rash to appear on a person's lips, due to inflammation. Here, the lips are known to become scaly and to harden. The rash is clearly seen on the upper lip area, especially where the lip skin meets the regular one. Alternatively, the inflammation may affect the angles of the mouth. Then, the condition is named angular cheilitis and is often a sign of vitamin B deficiency.

Actinic keratosis is quite a similar condition to the previously mentioned one. Yet, this one is triggered by ultraviolet radiation exposure, long-term smoking and poor oral hygiene. Additionally, people who have fair complexion are more likely to suffer from this skin problem.

Cold sores may also appear on the lips in forms of rashes. However, these are nothing more than ulcers which take place due to herpes, which an individual carries in his/her body. The disease affects the mucous membranes on our body, causing blisters which, in time, evolve into ulcers and possibly become scars.

Another rash which may affect the lip area are warts. Warts are basically small rough tumors. These usually appear on hands and feet. Still, through contact, these can be transferred to one's lips. They are caused by a very contagious virus called Human papilloma virus.

There are cases where small spots can be seen on the lips or other parts of the body. These dark spots are harmless and, when located on the lips, called labial melatonic macule. These are harmless and usually affect middle-aged people with darker complexions.

The worst case scenario, when it comes to rashes on lips, is the squamous cell carcinoma. It manifests through pink and red rashes on the face and lips of the patient. This rash is scaly and, in time, it escalates, spreading and causing bleeding and pain. Excessive sun exposure and long-term tobacco smoking are the main reasons behind this condition.

Possible Treatment for Rash on Lips

The treatment depends on the cause. Nevertheless, you should prevent lip rashes by protecting yourself from the sun, and staying away from cigarette smoke. Once the damage had already been done, you are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible, getting adequate treatment.

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