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Pimple on eyelid

Pimple on Eyelid Characteristics

Taking into consideration that the pimples may appear on any pore we have on the surface of our skin, it is not strange to bear in mind that they might develop on one's eyelids. However, since this is a very delicate part of our organism, many people consider pimples unable of affecting it. Unfortunately, the sebaceous glands on our eyelids may get infected as well, causing pimples to appear upon the eyelid area. The pain may be unnoticeable or irritating and extremely painful. The size of the pimple may vary as well. Moreover, there might be several pimples appearing on one's eyelid, making the whole situation worse. These skin conditions, usually develop on the very edge of our eyelids, at the points where it connects with our eyelashes.

Fortunately, these pimples are easily treatable and usually disappear in a couple of days. However, if your vision is impaired due to this condition, or the pain becomes excruciating, you are highly advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Causes and Manifestations of Eyelid Pimples

One of the most common reasons behind this condition is gland infection. Namely, we have glands which produce oil necessary for our eyelashes. Sometimes, however, some bacteria from our skin gets into these glands, causing infections. These may get worse in time, resulting in more serious symptoms like vision impairment or pain.

Alternatively, bacterial action may cause permanent red bumps to appear on your eyelids. These are called papillomas and are capable of being surgically removed.

Alternatively, redness or some other harmless marks on your eyelids may all be signs of either aging or some allergic reactions to certain cosmetic products you might be using. Numerous other skin problems like psoriasis, gland dysfunctions, seborrheic dermatitis, conjunctivitis as well as different bacterial diseases, all are possible of causing anomalies appearing on the surface of our eyelids. Finally, a direct injury of the eyelid, cysts or strong medications, are also known to be the possible culprits.

Possible Treatment of Eyelid Pimples

Most of the time, the pimples on your eyelids go away on their own. Therefore, you are not to touch the troublesome area, or to try squeezing the pimples, as you might only make things worse. What you can do, is use artificial tears or some antibiotic creams in order to relieve yourself of irritation and pain, and to shorten the lifespan of these skin problems.

Also, you might boost your immunity by improving your diet. When your body is weak, it gives way to these kinds of infection. Thus, make it strong in order to be capable of fighting off different bacteria and other microorganisms. Finally, hygiene is crucial, so keep your eyelids clean in order to prevent any unwanted skin conditions of this type.

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