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Two Sexes, Two Languages?

Men and women usually do not understandeach other, especially when they are in relationships. This, however,is a problem which needs to be solved as soon as possible sinceprolongation of these misinterpretations can mean bad news for yourrelationship, your sex life and your overall experience with women.Men usually have their methods of understanding women, which are moreor less incorrect. Of course, there is male bonding and a generalmale understanding of women and their way of thinking which isterrible, to say the least. All in all, men and women seem to becoming from different planets, speaking different languages, beingincapable of understanding each other, let alone satisfying oneanother. Therefore, we have a problem. Is there a possible solution?Perhaps the lines below may be of assistance.

How To Make a Woman Happy

First of all, step out of the stupidstereotypes. Not all women want men who are chiseled from stone,being rigged with muscles and endowed with an abnormally large penis.Believe it or not, there are women out there who are interested incommunication, socializing, intelligent conversations, love and allother things which might have slipped your mind. Thus, be confidentabout yourself and do not get obsessed by the physical. Sure, takegood care of yourself, but do not get desperate if you are not a malegod walking around the world, driving women crazy with superficiallust. If you still suffer from penis doubts and fears, search the netfor penis exercises which might boost your confidence.

Next, when in a relationship, do not beselfish or greedy. Share all your compliments with the woman you arewith. Many men consider relationships as something like a battle forsupremacy or what not. Think outside of the box and introduce caring,love and millions of nice gestures into every second of yourrelationship. This involves small presents, flowers, the right kindof music in the right kind of situation etc.

As far as sex is concerned, kissing isusually the first base. Therefore, the better you kiss, the morelikely you are to move on to the next level. Bear this in mind, kisspassionately and do this for a longer time. Moreover, do not solelykiss the lips, but move on to the eyes, cheeks, neck etc. Caressesare a great tool of passion too. So, explore, be passionate and aliving fire, holding your woman tightly and firmly, but gently at thesame time.

Finally, during the sex, make sure youdiscover all the erogenous zones which satisfy your partner. Becreative and innovative, but always to the liking of the person youare having sex with. Final note, after the sex, no sleeping or movingaway from the bed like nothing happened, regardless of your maleinstincts. On the contrary, cuddling, kissing and all the otherthings which make your woman happy are a must.

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